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A patent is form of academic property. Today, many people know the advantages and importance of copyrighting inventions while some have clear idea about t it. Some people also do not know about the copyright agent and copyright attorney. Some consider that copyright agent and copyright attorney are same. But actually, there are lots of differences between them. Keep on reading this article as it gives you detailed information about agent and attorney plus difference between them. A copyright agent is a personality with technical degree and cleared copyright exams. If people have both the things then he will easily get license to practice before copyright attorney. A copyright attorney has both this qualification as well as license for doing practice in the state. Thus, both has license to file for copyright prosecution and application in uk patent . But copyright agent has not capability to represent client in a court. A copyright attorney has capability to file application & prosecution in patent office as well as give legal advice & also representation out of office. Thus, if you are finding to fill application then you can take advantage of services of agent or attorney but if you want to find for legal representation in court then simply consult attorney.
But still there is confusion what you will look for while going to hire attorney? First of all, you much check out the qualification, competence and experience of attorney. If you want to fill a copyright application at that time you must check out that your chosen patent attorney is from same background or not. In case he is belonging from same background then he must know technical details about your creation, thus he can easily convince copyright examiner. Now, it is time to check out the experience. Keep in mind that experienced attorney is knowledgeable as well as he has idea about loopholes. Thus, at time of filling application, he will cover all claims. With this way, you will surely get more benefit from invention. In addition, you should check out the fee as well as terms and condition of the patent attorney. Basically, fee of attorney is about $2000 to $10000 as per complexity of invention, reputation and getting approval. Basically, fee of the attorney contains legal assistance fee, filing fee as well as money spent for stationary items and Xerox. If you have any doubt then you can easily ask him.


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